Oliver Ballard

Wedding & Family Photographer


Who am I?

I’m Oliver – A chilled out nerd who enjoys photography and making people happy with it. I’m based just outside of Swindon, along the road to Oxford and although I’ve stated on here that I’m a Swindon wedding photographer, I’m actually happy to travel anywhere to take photos!

This photo was taken on our first holiday together in a place called Afitos, in Greece!

I’ve been interested in photography for years – I love taking photos of people and although the cameras that can be found in our phones have improved at an incredible rate in the last few years, nothing compares to a dedicated camera’s pictures and it’s the joy of giving people those finished products is what I love the most about it!

Thankfully, my wife, Xen, is now used to me bringing my camera to pretty much everything, which has allowed me to practice my craft in the most interesting and difficult places. Although Xen’s not always 100% willing, some of my favourite times can be re-lived by looking back through the photos that I’ve taken throughout our marriage.

Other than photography, I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to my hobbies and interests! I built my own PC, I enjoy researching random things – although usually tech related – and I used to love playing games. I’ve always been the friend that helps out with technical stuff and I like that.

Xen is always amazed at how calm and unflappable I can be in stressful situations, I’m not sure why but it’s true. I never let anything phase me and just roll with it. I think this attitude has definitely helped and is definitely important with wedding photography!


Get In Touch

I would love to work with you! If you’ve got any questions or just want to have a chat, please feel free to get in touch with me below! I’m available at any time and will reply as fast as possible.