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Take a look at some of my favourite photos and decide if the style that I’ve developed over the years is what you’re looking for!

Oliver Ballard’s Portfolio

Here’s a little look into some recent weddings and some of my favourite photos that I’ve shot. As I continue to update and expand this collection over time, I invite you to check back to see more – If you’re curious to see a comprehensive gallery that showcases what you can anticipate for your own wedding, kindly reach out to me with a message, and I’ll respond promptly. Your vision and expectations are of utmost importance, and I’m excited to share the possibilities that lie ahead for your special day!

Below all of the wedding photos, I have included some of my most cherished photographs capturing precious moments shared with family and friends throughout the years. By including these images, I aim to provide you with a deeper insight into my experience and photography style. Witness the authentic connections, genuine emotions, and candid snapshots that reflect my passion for storytelling through imagery. These personal photos serve as a testament to my commitment in creating meaningful and memorable photographs. Explore this section to gain a better understanding of the artistic approach I bring to every session and event.

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I am based just outside of Swindon but I am happy to travel anywhere in the UK!