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Hey! I suppose you came here after looking at the ‘about’ section on the site, right? I didn’t want to fill the page up with a load of nonsense about me and I suppose it was an excuse not to write about myself as well… But then I figured that people might actually want to know who the person is if they’re looking at hiring them, so I figured I’d write this up as a supplementary addon to that for anyone interested enough to want to read more!

So who am I? What do I do?
Well, I’ve been an aircraft technician for the past 10 years living on the border of Wiltshire and Oxfordshire. During this time, I’ve gained a massive appreciation and love of photography. Like I said in the about section, I got back into photography when we were looking for our very own wedding photographer. ( We used Josh Gooding – he is incredible! ) To me, the joy of photography is related to people, the happiness that great photography can bring to people is something that I love giving. There’s honestly nothing better than to give people photos that they love.

Otherwise, I’d like to think that I’m a pretty chilled out guy, I love to go with the flow and I’m at my happiest when I’m with my wife. I enjoy music (although I’m one of those weird people that listens to the beat waaay more than the lyrics to a song!), gaming, technology and reading (Although I have to say that I’m ‘reading’ more and more on audible these days). Reading that back, you could probably say that I’m a bit of a geek and I guess you wouldn’t be wrong..

To be honest, I’ve been sat here trying to think of things that I actively dislike and I can’t seem to think of anything. I’ll be sure to update this once I can think of something though.

For the past few years, most of my photography has been focused on portraiture. I have an awful lot of photos of my wife (Xen) and dog (Bailey), which can be seen throughout my instagram timeline. I have done various event work and have my fair share of Aircraft photos (I’m not a spotter, I just like the Aircraft I work on!) but as I said before, there’s nothing better than to make people happy with my photography & that is the reason why I’d love to get into Wedding photography.

To document such incredibly important memories for you is my dream. To have you relive your wedding through my photographs, time and again. To know that I was able to portray your wedding in such an authentic, real & beautiful way that it was on the day. That’s my dream and I cannot wait to work with you.

Since I’ve mentioned Xen and Bailey, I thought I’d share with you my two favourite photos that I’ve captured of them.

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