Arran & Sophie – Aylesbury & Polecatt Inn, Prestwood

This post has been a long time coming – I seem to be pretty awful about posting content here! I was asked by Arran and Sophie to be the wedding photographer at their wedding and at that point, I’d never shot one before!

I was thrilled to do it though, as I’ve been researching how to photograph weddings and how to get into that side of photography for a few years now! It has always been something I’ve been interested in, considering that choosing my own wedding photographer was the reason that got me back into photography in the first place. I’ve always loved taking photos of people and it’s always brought me happiness knowing that people love the photos that I’ve taken for them – so what better way to enjoy photography than shooting somebody’s wedding!

Due to the amount of research and preparation I’d put into wedding photography over the years, I was surprisingly way less nervous than I thought I would be for the day! That was helped largely due to the fact that I work with Arran and they were both fully aware of the fact that it was the first wedding that I’d shot. That and I was also working alongside James, who I’d asked to originally cover the day as I was on a course. It was actually a bigger challenge due to the time of year and how little light we had during the day but as the day was going on, I was getting more confident with the photos that I was capturing throughout the day.

The reception was held at Polecatt Inn, Prestwood. It had lots of little decorations around the place which really lent itself as a wedding venue with fairy lights and little private huts that people could sit in. It had a really lovely atmosphere but it allowed photos to be taken with great backgrounds, especially as time went on!

In the end, from a photography point of view, it was a very successful day and considering how dark it got so early on, I was really pleased with the photos that I got and it really enforced the idea that this is something that I’d love to pursue in the future – I absolutely loved it, had so much fun and I’ve actually already shot another wedding since! Here’s a small selection of photos throughout the day and I hope that if anybody’s looking at this and you’re getting married in the future, that you consider me to be your wedding photographer!

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